Welcome to Frances Photography I'm there to document your story. And everyone has a story, and it's beautiful & messy & epic & worth capturing.

I wrestled with the thought of photography as a business. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, slightly obsessed even…but growing up I wanted to do something BIG, ya know, like solve world hunger or something! (okay I still do…)

But then I got a revelation…photography is like nothing else. I can look back at photographs and actually tangibly feel the emotion that I experienced during that moment, a moment I thought had long been forgotten.

I am able to capture a segment in time, that could otherwise have been seemingly erased from my memory. And for me, that was enough to decide that photography was so very much more than snapping photographs of peoples lives; I was actually creating a memory bank for them, so they could experience and re-live those memories for the rest of their lives.