{A Peek through my window} A sweet gift- Asheville Children Photographer

We had the MOST incredible thing happen to us while we were in Orlando for Spring break!!!  So, my kids are loud.  Like, really loud!!!  When I try to explain them to people I say…They don’t walk, they run.  They don’t talk, they shout.  They don’t sit, they jump.  SO, when we got the call that they wanted us to change rooms due to a large conference coming to the hotel, I was a bit skeptical.  I thought FOR SURE that they were trying to get us to change rooms to cover up the fact that every surrounding room was in an up roar about my very vocal children.  MUCH to my surprise, after returning back from lunch there was indeed a large conference going on.

My mom went inside to see where they had switched our room to and to make a long story short, the lady puts her hand on my mom’s shoulder and says, “The Lord wants to bless you.  We gave your family the presidential suite.”  WHHATT??!!!  All I’m gonna say is, it was ahhhmazing!!!  Annabella kept shouting as we walked in, “MOM, it’s like the WHITE HOUSE!!!” And I heard Malachi whisper to Annabella, “Is this all a dream?!”   What a precious gift from the Lord!!!  Annabella said later, “Mom, we didn’t deserve this!!” I smiled and said, “You’re right baby, we didn’t, and that is what God’s grace is all about.”

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