About Me

So you already know I’m passionate about photography, but what do I do when I’m not behind the lens of a camera?

I am absolutely in love with my 4 very crazy, silly, loud, but ridiculously adorable children. Good thing they’re cute! 😉

I have an amazing hubby who is one of those geeky smart computer guys.. hehe. He is also an amazing musician and he is in the process of teaching me his mad guitar skills (btw it’s been a lonnggg process).

I am a lover of Jesus and desire to follow Him above all else.

Some other fun tidbits:

I heart…

Chai tea lattes and strawberry danishes (always together, of course!).

I heart…

Playing guitar with my 4 little munchkins. I like to pretend like I’m Maria from The Sound of Music and they are my family band…

I heart..

Hobby Lobby (it had to be said)…I could marry that store. 🙂

I heart…

Laughter in general…but especially with the people I love.

I heart…

Jamming out to Pandora and having rad dance parties with my kids in the kitchen.

All in all, I am crazy blessed! I hope I can be a part of capturing you – whether it be the biggest day of your life or your baby’s first giggle!


Mary Frances Cochran