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Ruland Children- Asheville Children Photography

These boys were SUCH a trip!  Judah (the one completely decked out in super hero attire) was ready to show me every ninja/super hero/cowboy move he had up his sleeve! Haha  His expressions were timeless!!!  His precious brother Hawks though was having a little bit of a hard time and then got stung by a yellow jacket!  Poor kid!!  He was a trooper though and we still got some super cute ones!!  Something about photographing brothers makes me so happy; maybe it’s because I have two little super heroes of my own and I can’t help but laugh out loud when I witness other little boys just as silly as mine!








The Precious Dixon Children- Asheville Children/Family Photography

Okay, maybe I’m a little bias…but it just seems like every kid that I have gotten to take pictures of lately is ridiculously charming!  Some kids were just made to be in front of a camera and these two definitely are!!  Sometimes I was finding it hard to do my job because I would be laughing so hard at their silliness.  They were a family that overflowed with joy and it truly was contagious.









My kids and all their craziness- Asheville Children Photographer

Charlie’s family took their second annual beach trip this year to Rosemary beach in Florida.  Might I just say that it is my new most favorite place.  It is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing place for families!!  A must for anyone with kids!  I tried to get some pictures of my kiddos in between pool time and making sand castles and I guess you could say my kids were less than thrilled.  haha  But after a promise of some yummy ice cream they decided to cooperate..a little. 🙂  So here is just some of the pictures I captured of my amazingly precious but always silly and crazy children!!










The Turner Family- Asheville Family Photographer

The weather could not have been more beautiful in the lovely mountains of Asheville on the day of their photo shoot.  Poor little Ayven wasn’t feeling good for some of it but with the help of some bubbles and other fun distractions we tried to keep his little self happy.  I think we did a fairly good job cause we sure did get some super cute ones of him!!  And of mom and dad too of course!


Sweet Bella and Frances- Hendersonville Children Photographer

I met Bella’s mom at Annabella’s dance studio-they are in the same ballet class.  Bella is such a sweet heart and reminds me of a dainty princess.  Her sister Frances was just as sweet although I think she was starting to resent my camera by the end since I was cutting into her nap time.   For a sleepy little one though she did great!  The weather didn’t look promising but thankfully we got in and out of there before all of the rain rolled in.