FAQ – Newborns

I LOVE itsy bitsy babies. I guess that’s why I had 4 of them! 🙂 Their little scent (even if it sometimes smells more like baby throw-up) is the very best! 🙂 There is nothing like new life. I know your precious little new gift means the world to you and I look forward to capturing these first days of life!!

How do I schedule a session?
Book your session during your pregnancy so I can allot the time for your little bit. I would encourage you to book at least one month prior to your due date so I can be sure to secure you a place. Since babies like to come on their own time we will both have to be flexible. Please contact me again once you’ve had your little one (ideally within the first 2-3 days) and we can come up with a tentative date. I usually like to take newborn pictures within the first 4-10 days after birth.

How long does the session normally last?
Newborn sessions are by far the longest sessions that I do. I do not rush these sessions and know that little ones might need to be fed, soothed, etc, and factor in time as such. Please plan for around 3 hours. Baby’s comfort and safety are my number one priority.

Do you have a studio? Where does my session take place?
I do all natural light photography, so that means no studio. I use the yummy delicious light coming in from your windows to create a beautiful setting for pictures. I like to schedule newborns at their own home so we can capture baby in his/her nursery. Sometimes the sweetest pictures are mom and dad (and brother and sister) snuggling with baby on the family couch. Also, what mommy wants to truck their new baby all over town to a studio?! With that said I will also set up a spot near your best window for those precious sleepy images.

What can I do to be ready for the shoot?
First off, relax! You just created a beautiful life and are about to embark on the most amazing journey ever!! Okay, with that said…

If possible, crank up that heat! Babies are used to the warm cocoon in their mama’s bellies and what is crazy warm to us is nice and cozy to them. I will bring a space heater but it’s nice to have the house nice and toasty just prior to my arrival.

Also don’t forget to have a “soothie”- a pacifier (if your baby uses one). Those work magic when trying to keep baby asleep!

Take a look around your house and stake out the place with the best lighting coming through a window. And don’t be shy, I have set up in master bathrooms before. 🙂

If you have any “props” (favorite blankets, headbands, hats, baskets, etc) you would like for me to incorporate just lay them aside and I will do my best to use them during our session.

Can I request certain poses I’ve seen on other photography websites, Pinterest, etc?
Of course. And I will do my best to capture those images. But if I feel as though a pose would be unsafe for any reason I will NOT do it. As stated before, safety is my number one priority.

When will I receive my images?
Because of the quality I like to provide to each client, you can expect to receive your DVD of images within 2-3 weeks from the day of the session.


I can’t wait to capture your precious little baby!!