FAQ – General

How long does it take to get my pictures?
For a typical session it usually takes around 10-20 days to receive your pictures in the mail. For weddings it takes up to 4 weeks.

What should I wear? And where do I get all those cute hats and headbands that I see everywhere??
I love places like Etsy and Zulily for fun accessories and whatnot. Please see my What to wear?! section for some ideas!!

I have my DVD of pictures, now where do I print?
GOOD QUESTION!  I love that I can give my clients the freedom of printing their own pictures so you don’t have to be tied down to proofs and having to decide between pictures. BUT the downside of that is that some people are eager to print their pictures and will go just about anywhere to get them printed. Although you do have a print release and can do whatever you choose with your images, I would highly recommend Mpix.com for all your printing needs.

Do you travel?
Not at this time, just too many kiddos running around! 🙂 Maybe someday!!

Do you offer classes/workshops for photographers?
Unfortunately, time does not allow for this at this season in my life, but I have some fun ideas for the future!!  🙂

Why “Frances” Photography?
My name is Mary Frances Cochran and honestly I never used my middle name and never really was that crazy about it. Well, when I got into photography, I felt for the first time I was able to come alive and felt like I was to name my company Frances Photography as a sign of the new me!!

What is “A Peek Through My Window”?
“A Peek Through My Window” is a portion of my blog that is dedicated to telling stories of my life through pictures. When I got into photography, my main purpose was to capture my own family with all of their silliness and passion. As your photographer, I want to allow you to be able to “peek through my window” at some of our daily adventures.  🙂

What if I lose my disk of images??
No worries! I keep your images on file for one year and will send you a replacement disk for $20.

Do you offer gift cards?
Sure do!  Just shoot me an email and I will fire you all the info.

Thanks so much for inquiring about my photography! Please check out the other Info and FAQ pages for more specific info on each type of shoot.  Look forward to working with you!!!